6 Steps of WayNorth’s Web Development Process

WayNorth keeps the web development process simple so you have time to manage your business or organization while we create your website. When the job is complete we will also review your site’s features with you and explain how to use all of the tools available on your new website. Contact us today to get started.

  1. Initial Meeting
    We'll meet, discuss your goals and determine your specific needs. Some or all of this can be completed by in person, by email or over the phone.
  2. Proposal
    A complete proposal will be delivered for your approval specifying work we will do, what we need from you, and terms of the agreement. On your acceptance, up to 50 percent payment is required. Also, full payment for hosting services we provide is expected.
  3. Design Phase
    We'll create one or more design options and present mockups of the home page and a content page for your approval. You may give us the go-ahead, or changes you request can be made. The design should be set at this point.
  4. Development Phase
    We create a site that duplicates the design, install and configure web components, add word and visual content. At this stage, progress can be seen on the staged site and there may be a back and forth conversation to fine-tune the site as it nears completion.
  5. Training & Deployment
    We'll review the site features with you and explain how to use tools associated with the site. We'll also provide instruction and documentation on using the content management features of the site. Or you may skip training until the site is live. After your OK, the site will go live on the Internet and we'll register it with major search engines. Final payment is expected.
  6. Support
    Support is provided to fix any problems or errors after the site is live. Site maintenance is available on a per-incident basis or as a package of continuing support designed to meet your specific requirements.