Website Checklist, What's Needed

A Guide to Creating & Assembling Your Website Content

To create your site, WayNorth will need all of the content for the site. Every word, image, and graphic in the site is going to have to be provided, created, or purchased. Ideally, the content should be in our hands, or been determined where it's coming from before we go to work on the site.


Title of each page – what you will see in the title bar of your Web browser.
Text for each page: Major and minor headlines, and body text.

Complete & Edited Text

Provide the complete version of the text that should appear on the page. Minor changes are an expected part of the process, but try and be as complete as possible. Text can be supplied in any common electronic format, such as Word or plain text, which is the preferred method of delivery. EPasting text into an e-mail message or a PDF  is not recommended (Creates a lot of extra carriage returns that have to be removed).

Documents available only in hard copy can be scanned and processed with character recognition software. Avoid hand-written submissions.

Also, supply any documents that will be embedded or available for download, such as PDFs.

We will be happy to contact your printer or advertising agency to obtain material they may have on file. And discuss any questions or concerns over the format and delivery of documents.

Images & Graphics for Your Website

Images and other visual elements are key to creating a visually great site. Image files in Web pages have to be a low resolution in order for the page to load quickly. Garbage in, garbage out definitely applies with visuals on the Web.

In order to produce the highest quality presentation for you, we prefer to process all the visual elements ourselves with as close to the original material as possible. We will color tone and sharpen as necessary. If you have existing logos, designs, etc., that are to be used, please obtain the original digital file for us. Or we will request them for you.

Copies of your existing printed material – business cards, stationery, brochures, and ads – are helpful for maintaining your existing look.

Photographs, Stock Images & Flat Artwork

We will color tone and sharpen images and scans.

Ideally, provide original, unprocessed digital camera images. Cell phone images, unless taken in daylight conditions, are not recommended.

We will scan flat artwork and prints at high resolution. Again, having the original will produce the best results.

If you need additional images, stock images are an option.  Cost is modest, but research time is involved.

High quality photographs of your business, products, or key personnel are ideal. We can take original photographs, or arrange to have them done by a working professional.

How To Send Photos and Images

A flash drive is ideal for getting a large number of images to us. It's also possible to E-mail images. Ideally, zip them up in an archive before sending. Attachments per a single E-mail should be less than 10Mb in size. Uploading by FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an option.

Information Needed for Web Forms

Supply specific information you want to collect with a Web form. Name, address, phone, E-mail, question, etc. List information in each form that that visitors are expected to provide. ie Form will not submit without it. Provide E-mail address(es) that the submitted form information is to be sent. We can recommend form elements to meet your business process needs.


If you arranged hosting through us, we will assist you in setting up accounts and assist you with configuring accounts with your software or devices. E-mail accounts are managed in your hosting account control panel.

To protect real accounts that you would like to keep private, create forwarders such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., etc. These generic accounts forward mail the real account(s).

Basic Website Promotion

As part of getting your site known on the Internet, we will create Titles and  Meta descriptions for each page. This helps Google understand your site better, and your site will show better in relevant searches.

We will submit a Site Map to Google and test the site with Search Console, and perform a Mobile-Friendy test.

Setting up Google Analytics and configuring the account is recommended. Extra cost item.

Also, create a separate list of keywords that includes various combinations of your company or organization name, products or services, location, industry, and common misspellings. Prioritize the keyword list.

Complete Web Marketing Services

We also offer a variety of services to help boost your site's search rankings and advertise your organization online and offline. Contact us for details.

Services include:

  • Keyword research
  • Analytics reporting
  • Create a Google Business page
  • Google search and display advertising
  • Create a Facebook business page
  • Facebook advertising and promotion
  • Print advertising